Day Trips

We arrange and provide therapeutic activities and trips to help rebuild family bonds.

Life changing memories waiting to be made.

We understand that it can be tough when recovering from a traumatic experience. Our day trips allow individuals and families time away from their home to rebuild bonds, create positive memories with people who matter most.

Do you need some quality time with your family?

If you think Swindon Sisters Alliance could help you or someone you know, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

A range of activities and trips.

Our aim is to support and fund families with children under the age of 18 years.

Swindon Sisters Alliance brings families together for an independent day out with their children and a supportive network where needed.

Our activities, trips and seasonal events are all allocated out by referrals only. These are from local professional organisations, partnerships or from our service users at Swindon Sisters Alliance. All referrals must meet our organisation’s criteria.

All locations are within the area of Swindon where possible so that we can continue supporting our local businesses which is at the heart of our organisation ethics. Transport is also included for some activities and trips.

Trips can also be offered to families that haven't secured a place on our Julies Haven Holidays.

Some of our activities and trips.

We have a range of things available for families throughout the year, including during the school holidays.

  • Cinema
  • Jolly Rogers Adventure
  • Swimming
  • Freedog trampolining
  • Lotmeads Farm
  • Cotswold Wildlife Park
  • Beach day

We have supported many families through tough times

Here are a few words from some of the people we have supported and helped. Also from those who have helped us reach people, through volunteering, fundraising and donating.

“We laughed so hard”

We had a mini bonfire late on the beach. We laughed so hard, while emptying the sand from our shoes for two days.

“So healing...”

There was something so healing about watching the sunset on the beach.

“We can't thank you enough”

We watched the sunset which was beautiful. We cannot thank you enough for this opportunity.

“A positive look on life”

This holiday gave us a positive look on life. Thank you for this opportunity.

“So many memories”

We have made so many memories in the short space of a week being here.

Are you in need of help and support?

You’re not alone. Take that first step to living a normal life.

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Do you need some quality time with your family?

Contact us with your details and how Sisters Alliance could help, then a member of our team will be in touch.

Or call us:  07415 112345