Swindon Sisters Alliance

Helping families recover from domestic abuse and rebuild their lives through therapeutic holidays and days out.


Swindon Sisters Alliance is a newly formed Not-For-Profit Community Interest Company based in Swindon Town Centre. The non-profit was formed by Emma King and dedicated family members who have personally experienced the loss of a loved one due to Domestic Violence and Coercive Controlling Behaviour.

CEO, Emma King has dedicated her life to this project after losing her beloved sister, Julie on 15th November 2005 and together with her team and board members look forward to supporting the Swindon community who are currently or have experienced Domestic Violence

Our vision is to support victims to regain their confidence, rebuild their lives and know that they are not alone, Swindon Sisters Alliance are here to support you.

Sisters Alliance are extremely proud of our shop that was opened in November 2020, please pop in, and visit us. We are situated at 21 The Parade, Swindon, SN1 1BB.

More exciting news – We have just recently purchased our first brand new mobile home “Julie’s Haven” in Brean that will be offered to organisations to nominate families for a 6 day holiday with free transport which will be available this summer (2021). Our goal is to help families not to be impacted long-term from domestic abuse and to help bring families happier times. To minimise the effect that domestic abuse impact not only the victims but their whole family and to bring joy to our Swindon families which are in the most need. To bring together families, to create strong bonds, and help towards creating new happier memories that they can cherish forever.

We will also be offering therapeutic and day trips alongside our holiday home to the community soon.

Swindon Sisters Alliance would like to thank the Swindon community for their donations and support and look forward to your continued support. Without your support, none of this would have been possible.


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Our Shop is located at 21 The Parade, Swindon Town Centre. SN1 1BB.

We have self-funded our vision and our new shop and were extremely proud to open our shop in November 2020.

All donations gifted to us were from our beloved community. These donations are sorted then sold in our shop or on our new eBay Selling Page.

We sell a wide range of items which include men's, women’s and children's clothing, bric-a-brac, toys, games, electrical items and loads more all at reasonable prices.

Please pop in and say hi to our friendly staff. Bring your purses and wallets as you are sure to find something you simply cannot resist.
Support our vision and help us fund our project “Julie's Haven” this summer.

Julie's Haven Project


Currently delayed by 4 months due to COVID, we are now pleased to announce that we have purchased our brand new Sunseeker 6 berth Holiday Home in Brean.
“Julie’s Haven”, Swindon Sisters Alliance’s first major project, was bought and designed to deliver a lifetime of happy memories for generations to come.

Our new retreat for our community will be delivered the 1st week of June 2021 and will be offered to organisations and charities to nominate families for a 6 day retreat.

Our first year of holidays will be to support our local community and organisation’s already doing fantastic work within our community of Swindon.

We now hope to fund our minibus for families that have no means of transport and offer free transport to our retreat, to obtain funds to furnish and have the essentials our families would need prior to gifting a holiday. To fundraising for decking so we can offer placements to our disabled families in Swindon.

Please continue supporting us to help us fund this quicker to offer our families and children placements in time for the summer.

Our Vision Mission & Values

Swindon Sisters Alliance VISION is to support victims of domestic abuse to access services to enable them to escape their trauma, get back their self-confidence and rebuild their lives as well as the lives of their families.

Our MISSION is to offer support, therapeutic days out to enhance health and wellbeing and to overcome trauma. To create a compassionate environment for each person entrusted to our care and to inspire hope and healing by helping those individuals achieve their highest level of physical and emotional wellbeing. To be a part of their journey helping them recover and see them achieve their own personal goals in life and freedom from the domestic abuse that has impacted their lives.

Our VALUES at Swindon Sisters Alliance are to uphold our core values:

INTEGRITY - We hold ourselves accountable for the services we provide demonstrating honestly, professionalism and sincerity. Promise to act in the best interest of our people, community, organisations, and their families.

RESPECT- We believe the people of our community, partnership organisations, volunteers and employees are of great value and deserves to be treated with dignity and courtesy.

COMPASSION - We seek to create a warm and compassionate environment by showing genuine kindness and empathy and offering hope and encouragement to all the people we are in contacted with.

COMMITMENT - To serve our community and users to build excellent relationships.

COURAGE / MOTIVATION / POSITIVITY- To encourage, motivate and leave a positive impact on people’s lives.

Would you like to help our cause? We'd love to have you on board!
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Emma King


Swindon Sisters Alliance C.I.C is limited by guarantee and was formed at the end of July 2020. Our sister was murdered in November 2005. The impact of this domestic violence homicide, and two suicides in our family has had a direct impact on our life's. It has also continued with others and the next generations of children suffering the aftermath.

I believes that early intervention could have gone some way to prevent this. Throughout the whole process I struggled to find access to advice, mental health support, advocates, rehabilitation, and support towards rebuilding a life to independence and personal growth. I became isolated over a period of 6 years barely leaving my home. Our immediate family members also continued to suffer. where the lack of support wasn't available close family members and our children at this time and didn't received support through this very difficulty period. Many years later with my family support and my own motivation I started volunteering 6-7 years after the crime. I went on to maintain a job over many years in a charity shop.

I was given the opportunity of volunteering within a charity organisation. I was then offered a paid job and completed an NVQ. This process helped me to gain confidence and motivated me to want to be able to set up an organisation that could help others people access services easier, to try prevent isolation where domestic abuse impact families and help others create new happier memories to cherish forever.

We will be networking to offer existing charities within Swindon to offer referrals to the most in need.

I would like to thank Voluntary Action Swindon (VAS) who have helped me with the process of setting up a CIC Not-For-Profit.

I am proud to be born and raised in Swindon where me and my family have grown up all our lives, and to start up a CIC that is close to our family hearts. To give extra support for our growing community in our home town of Swindon.


Tina Eaton, Non-Executive Director

Advisory Board Members


We will be announcing details about our Day Trips soon

Please check back again soon for more information.